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Do you want to create and store nice swipe files for your email marketing activities?
You are in a right place. We provide powerful service that help you manage inbox emails, swipe email ideas to your account, receive recommendations how to improve your emails, get custom made email templates for free.

With us you’ll get

  • Access to the library of more than 600 000 emails more than 2500+ companies, where you can get brilliant ideas for your feature emails
  • Personal cabinet with possibility to import all emails from your Gmail account
  • You can add own newsletters and track your competitors from our account
  • Store interesting emails from your feed, apply to them Tags, create filters and notifications
  • Write your ideas and much more..

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swipe files for email marketers
Our service helps digital marketers create and manage swipe files for personal inspiration. Do you use Evernote, Dropbox or Pinterest? We propose you a better solution. and you’ll get thousands ideas for how to make your texts and letters better.