FAQ Section

What is EmailStrategy?

We help you monitor email activities of your competitors, analyze great emails from our Database (more than 2500+ companies), create own swipe files, collect ideas and so on. Join us today and try our service for free.

What features do you have?

Currently, we have the history of email letters more than 2500+ companies, so you can find competitors, analyze their sequences and create your own awesome emails. Other features:

  • Possibility to add own newsletters.You haven’t found your competitors? Don’t worry, you can add them in your cabinet.
  • System of Filters and Tags. Find the most interesting emails with aid of Filters and apply own Tags.Create personal swipe files and email collections.
  • Alerts.Create an alert that will inform you about important emails from your competitors
  • Get recommendations from our editors for improving your letters.
  • Many other features that we implement on our site in monthly basis

How does it help me?

  • Safe your time. Get Instant access to our base and use our data in your work.
  • Get new ideas. Analyze and safe the most interesting ideas for your emails from leaders of your industry.
  • Real time tracking. Monitor own competitors, set up alerts, create labels on their emails.
  • Collect good emails.Use our service if you don’t want to clog your inbox but have desire to receive new newsletters.
  • Analyze trends. Quantity of emails, popular products, days of submissions, etc.

How mush does it cost?

We are in beta, so all features are FREE. In the feature you will know about our pricing on the pricing page.

I am an owner and want to exclude emails from my domain, what I should to do?

If don’t want that our service receives information about your emails, just write us from your corporate email or an email that was mentioned in “Contact us” section on your website. We will delete all information about your site and domain immediately.

I have more questions...

Please, don’t hesitate and ask them here