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Instant Access

Get Instant access to the history of email newsletters of more than one thousand companies

Monitoring competitors

Add your competitors, monitor their activities, get to know their email strategy: newsletters, broadcasts, sequences.

Email Templates

Use the best email templates for your needs. Check out email newsletters of leaders and adapt their ideas for your letters.

Automatic Alerts

Set up filters and automatic alerts - get a notification when a letter matches given criteria. You will never miss special offers and important emails from your competitors.

How does it work?


Register & Add Competitors

Add your direct competitors and monitor their activities too.



Look and use their best solutions and email templates for your email strategy



Create automatic alerts for important events, such as competitors sales letter, special offer, mentioning of your company and so on.


Great Ideas

Get hundreds of ideas. Save hundreds of hours - make a profit from smart usage of our service.

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From now on, all your work in email marketing
will be much easier because:

You will never have a problem with searching for new ideas for letter writing - you have access to thousand ideas of leading companies in 20 industries

The design is not a problem anymore either - look at ready to use solutions of your competitors. Copy template in one click and customize it for yourself.

Developing email strategy can be a matter of several minutes - use successful strategies of leaders in your industry. They spent years and tons of money with the aim to find the best letters that bring clients to them. However you can observe their achievements in one minute, just register in our system.

Forget about a fear to miss important competitor’s activity - set up automatic alerts and get instant notifications when a letter with specified criteria comes from them. The Special offers, Sales, Limited offer - you’ll be the first to know about it.


We're currently in beta. This means we think we have something that's great to use - but there are still some features we want to add and rough edges we want to fix before we're 100% happy - and very occasionally you might run into a bug!

The good news is that while we're in beta all our plans are free!

What will be the cost when we're out of beta? We’ve not set prices yet, but we'll be excellent value for money, and be in line with other great online services you might already use like Google apps, MailChimp & Podio.

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